5 ways to Make Milk Healthy and Tasty for Kids

December 3, 2023 | by BMR


It is not uncommon for children to show an aversion to milk in their early childhood. However, parents can give their glass of milk a tasty twist.

Milk is regarded as the complete food for kids as it has the right amount of calcium, protein, fat, carbohydrates, and other essential minerals – all the nutrients that are crucial for a child’s overall development. However, many children do not like the taste of plain milk and develop an aversion to it. While some kids can be convinced to have a glass of milk with some persuasion, others completely refuse to have it. Any food can be made more interesting and tastier to suit the taste buds of children. There are a variety of ways this important food for children can be made irresistible. 

“Milk is one of the most popular drinks around the world. It has numerous health benefits and is extremely nutritious. It’s one of the richest sources of protein, calcium, potassium, omega-3 healthy fats, and other vitamins and minerals. It is essential for strong teeth and bones, as it contains Vitamin D, which is indispensable for maintaining bone health. Many kids tend to develop food fascism and aversion to drinking milk, says Dr. Mohd Amir, Senior Consultant- Neonatologist and Paediatrician at Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Gurgaon.

There are a lot of ways to make milk tastier, more enjoyable, and more nutritious. Dr. Mohd Amir suggests some easy and fun ways to improve the taste and nutritional value of milk.

1. Milkshakes and smoothies

Fruit smoothies or shakes can make milk interesting and also improve its nutrition profile. Commonly used fruits are mango, strawberries, banana, and chiku, but practically any fruit can be blended with milk to make a tasty and healthy combination. Adding fruits to milk increases the fiber content along with minerals and vitamins. Fruits are the most natural way to detox the body and flush out harmful toxins.

2. Dry fruits and nuts

Almonds, raisins, dates, walnuts, pistachios, or cashews are the commonly used dry fruits. One can also add candied dry fruits like raspberry/blueberries to make the milk taste more enjoyable. Dry fruits are nutrient-dense and add good amounts of fiber, vitamins, and minerals to the milk.

3. Turmeric milk

The turmeric and milk combination works great for colds and coughs, as both are rich in antioxidants. One can offer turmeric milk once in two weeks or whenever the child has cold symptoms. It is apt for the rainy and winter season rather than summer. This turmeric milk can be given to toddlers after one year. Start with a small amount initially and always use organic pure turmeric powder to prepare.

4. Cereals mix

Milk can be used as a cooking medium for almost any cereal to make porridge. This can make sure, the child not only gets protein, minerals, calcium, and vitamins from milk but also carbohydrates and other minerals/vitamins from cereals. A few examples are ragi malt, oatmeal, urad milk mix, and suji mix porridge.

Different combinations can be tried depending on what your child likes. Natural sweeteners like dates or honey can be used and preferably artificial sugars should be avoided.

5. Avocados hash with honey milk mix

Avocados are a rich source of protein, fats, multiple minerals, and vitamins along with dietary fiber. It is also rich in antioxidants and combined with honey it also helps boost immunity, relieves constipation, and provides a good taste.


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