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December 3, 2023 | by BMR

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We have got you an exciting update to our tools. New, updated, and responsive versions of tools are available now on the BMR ONLINE TOOLS Website.
List of tools available

  1. Image Converters – PNG, JPG, JPEG, Webp, GIF, PDF to Image Converter.
  2. Encrypters – MD5, SHA1, SHA224, SHA226, SHA384, SHA512
  3. Encoders – HTML, URL, BASE32, BASE64
  4. Minifiers – HTML, CSS, JS
  5. Text Tools – Case Converter, Word Counter
  6. Unit Converters – Byte, Length, Temperature, Weight
  7. Compilers – HTML, CSS, and JS
  8. IP INFO
  9.  Password Generator
  10. QR Code Generator

We have implementation Codes for many tools to make you understand how they are made in many codes.
We have got extra features and more export options and make it easy to convert things.

We have got more updates integrated into the converters like storing your converted data locally in your browser. Fully secure the data will not be shared with anyone not even BMR.

Many more updates made to the website visit and experience the new version of tools now.


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